Every Tribe Every Nation

There Is No Striving

Melody Of Love

Incredible Love

Be Welcomed In

At The Name Of Jesus

There Is No One Like You

Come Have Your Way

I Give It All

Burn Spirit Of God

Let The Nations Rise

About the Album

On February 10, hundreds of CFNI students, alumni, staff and Campus Days guests gathered in the Institute Building to be a part of the 42nd annual live worship recording. The dream of CFN’s founders, Gordon and Freda Lindsay, was to reach every tribe and nation with the message and power of the Gospel. Our 42nd live album, Melody of Love, is focused on two major themes: Songs like, There Is No One Like You, Melody of Love, There Is No Striving, Take Us In, and Incredible Love, talk about our passionate pursuit of God and knowing the depths of His love for us. The second part of the album features songs such as Every Tribe Every Nation, I Give It All, Burn Spirit of God, and Let The Nations Rise, which encourage us to share this love with the world and to lift the name of Jesus in every nation. We pray that this recording will help you hear the Melody Of Love coming from the Father’s heart.

YEAR: 2017

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